1. Circular greyscale logo for Point Fifty Seven
  2. Circular pastel logo for Point Fifty Seven
  3. Rectangular pastel logo for Point Fifty Seven
  4. Rectangular greyscale logo for Point Fifty Seven
Point 57 Logo
  1. Business Card design for Pier Point
  2. Logo Design for Pier Point
  3. Business card mock-up for Pier Point
Fishing Specialist Logo
We created this pastel pink and blue classy colour scheme for Petersfield based clothing start-up - Point 57. They create mens streetwear with visions for a sports section to come out later next year and we can't wait to see how they develop!​
Using the colours of the barriers along Brighton seafront, we created this identity for a fishing specialist start-up. It is a playful logo depicting a couple of fisherman catching the fish which form parts of the letterforms, the bottom of the descenders in the typography form part of a fishing hook.
  1. Logo design for Cowplain Fish Bar
A new look for Cowplain
fish Bar
  1. Logo Design for MJM Garden Maintenance
MJM's Grand New Design
Sometimes clients come to us with little idea of what they want for a new design, but Matt Malin of MJM garden services had a clear idea of the sort of direction he wanted to head in and we brought it to life for him. This striking green circular logo has the initials of the company cut out of the leaves in the tree with the bottom of the tree merging in with the black inner circle.
Cowplain Fish Bar came to us to design them a simple new logo with a classier colour scheme. We used a simple, geometric fish shape with some clever imagery of a fish hook hanging off of a fishing line forming the C and used a two-tone blue colour scheme to tie in with the idea of the water.
  1. Rectangular burgundy and gold logo for JMi Home Installations
  2. Burgundy Square logo for JMi Home Installations
Building a new look for JMi
  1. Rectangular version of iWader logo
  2. Business card mock-up for new iWader logo
  3. Square version of the new iWader logo
Rebrand for iWader - software developer
JMi wanted a total rebrand to position themselves as a luxurious home installation company, and we feel we achieved that with a simple logo with subtle reference to the building trade and a beautiful colour scheme of gold and maroon. The block colour in the square logo is very strong and corporate but also looks really nice across their marketing collateral.
iWader, a Portsmouth based software developer, got in touch to redesign their logo. They wanted to stick with their existing purple colour scheme and include imagery of the science behind their creations and the cogs fitting together to make it all tick. We were really happy with how this turned out!
  1. Contrasting grey circular logo for CW Dance
  2. Square version of CW Dance logo
Hand-drawn typographic
logo for CW Dance
  1. James and Joe Show Logo to be used for app store icon
Logo & Social Media artwork for James & Joe Show
Charlotte Wood is a freelance dance artist based in Hampshire. Ambitious and extremely talented, Charlotte decided to set up her own company and wanted a logo to symbolise the creative, expressive form of dance that she taught. The logo we created is very flexible as it can be used just with the circular part or as part of a more rectangular format alongside the text.
This was a really enjoyable piece of work for a couple of friends from Horndean, starting up a new podcast for everyday listeners. They wanted some caricatures designed, which were created by the fantastic Kate Howard Art. We then introduced a new colour scheme with the teal background to help them stand out in the podcast market, and added some clean white typography to be easily read when scaled down on to an app icon. We also created a social media banner image for them – keep an eye out as they are a very comical duo.
  1. DigitalDinos D Icon
  2. Digital Dinos Rectangular Logo
  3. DigitalDinos Square Logo
DigitalDinos enter a new era with rebrand
DigitalDinos are a Portsmouth-based digital marketing agency co-founded by young entrepreneurs Carl Hewett and Reece Matthews. Specialising in social media, web design and digital marketing, they are set for a promising future with bright ideas and a fresh young perspective. We were delighted to rebrand their existing logo, keeping their existing colour scheme but bringing in a playful D icon with the dinosaur silhouette. Their aim was simple: 'we want a logo that has an icon that can stand alone. Something linking digital and dinos. Something minimal that includes some creative thinking. That is the perfect idea for our brand'. And here it is! 
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